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Life is all about engaging in fun activities and keeping them stimulated. We try not to damage them in the process.

Clowns are evil?

Should we ban Halloween costumes?

Is it right to ban Halloween costumes because of a few clown sightings in South Carolina and across the country? These states recently saw a series of “Evil Clown” sightings where children were being taunted by the elusive and not-so-jolly carnival pretenders. We get it, malicious or dangerous activities while dressed up are unacceptable. But …

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Video games bad for children

Are video games bad for my child?

The most common question from parents for me as a psychologist? Are video games bad for my child? The answer is “no”. Mostly. The amount of computer time – more specifically, game time – children spend makes your head spin. But the reality of video games is it’s either a teaching tool or a distraction. …

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Valentines Day for Kids

Gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day

When we are young (or single) Valentine’s Day tends to be a day that we focus on romance, or intimacy. As parents we are painted a whole different picture. To get that intimate dinner it’s finding a babysitter, to whom you have to pay. Get the kids ready for the sitter, ensure they are taken care of food, etc. Then maybe it is a little bit of alone time. But, you have to have the babysitter home at a decent hour, so no late night movie.

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Official Game Rules

Official Game Rules: Walkie Talkie

A recent flurry of alliterations on the Internet has birthed a new word game called Walkie Talkie where participants rename everyday items to rhymes. Parents should take care that any game of this nature tends toward the profane. Parental guidance is suggested when following these Walkie Talkie official game rules. A player is chosen at …

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How to raise a successful athlete.

How to raise a successful athlete

Here’s the statement that parents throughout the world should agree on, not only when it comes to athletics, but also any competitive activity. How to raise a successful athlete is best summed up in the words of this adage. Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent …

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Baby Excercise

6 exercises for mommy and baby

Forget the gym. Forget dieting. Having a baby is your ticket to weight loss – and we’re not just talking about getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight. A specific regiment every day, between breastfeeding, changing diapers, soccer practice, cooking dinner, and cleaning up at night, means you can climb into bed at night and feel …

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Is my child possessed?

Is my child possessed by the devil?

There are some children who are born with gifts, the gift to heal or an ability to see spirits that adults can’t. But what about those kids who are in touch with the darker side of reality? There are plenty of accounts where kids demonstrate abilities beyond the realm of understanding. Take the recent post …

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Helicopter parenting laws enforced in South Carolina

The backlash against the North August city government has been nothing less than severe as news outlets accuse them of enforcing helicopter parenting laws. From the state where conservative politics once meant mind-your-own-damn-business, southern police departments have started targeting anti-helicopter parents – those who let their kids run free and learn independence by playing alone. …

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ban computers for one day a week

Why we should ban computers for one day a week

There’s no doubt computers are heaven-sent. Computers allow dads like me to reach out to friends, do research, chat with family and “accidentally” check the occasional porn site. Of course, our kids are also curious about everything that’s out there on the Internet. Although we have already set down technology rules for them, they’re not …

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Children's games hipsters hate

10 children’s games hipsters hate

As hipsters look at what their parents’ did for entertainment as children, this skinny-jeaned generation of emotionally-wrought urban youth finds disdain in the previous generation’s competitiveness and downright aggressive play. Those children’s games were tough! While hipsters organize non-competitive kick-ball leagues without scoring to prevent one side feeling bad about losing, we thought it would …

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