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Clowns are evil?
Clowns are evil?

Should we ban Halloween costumes?

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Is it right to ban Halloween costumes because of a few clown sightings in South Carolina and across the country? These states recently saw a series of “Evil Clown” sightings where children were being taunted by the elusive and not-so-jolly carnival pretenders. We get it, malicious or dangerous activities while dressed up are unacceptable. But have we gone too far in banning some costumes for kids?

Firearms, blades and other toy weapons have, for quite some time, been banned from costumes at numerous school festivities on Halloween. We agree with the “no weapons” rule. In any case, in a few classrooms the nation over, the elucidation of what is excessively terrifying — or hostile, or disheartening — is prompting more restrictions.

In a school in Illinois, kids are being urged to take on the appearance of food only. In Texas, a school has issued proposals for “positive ensembles” for the yearly Halloween tradition. At Riverside Drive, a Los Angeles government funded school in the San Fernando Valley, the Halloween parade is being de-fanged directly down to its barbed fingertips.

Why did Chicago ban Halloween costumes?

Halloween in school is not the unending treat and insane outfit spectacle it is on TV and in motion pictures. For some kids, dressing as their favorite character is not permitted — and sugar is banned. If they ban Halloween costumes there is no longer the traditional spirit of the holiday, but one that is sugar-coated.

These helicopter parents are trying to hide the mysteries of death and destruction, and children are not permitted to wear anything suggesting negativity on Halloween. In Chicago, schools can choose if they will or won’t permit costumes and goblins, and, on the off chance that they do permit them, what kind of costumes they put on them. To ban Halloween costumes for children means that you must follow specific guidelines as dictated by those who determine what type of expression is acceptable.

Worst Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Successes!

Is it right to ban Halloween costumes because of a few clown sightings? Helicopter parents are hiding the fun of sugar and the mysteries of the macabre. We’re of the belief scaring kids is just part of teaching them to understand all emotional aspects of life. Don’t ban Halloween costumes – embrace them!


Ban Halloween Costumes
Ban Halloween Costumes

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