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The stuff used for sleeping is as important as the schedules and cribs parents provide.

To Swaddle or not to swaddle

To swaddle or not to swaddle?

We’ve been proponents for common sense parenting from the beginning. Yes, the experts change the parenting rule book every year. To swaddle or not to swaddle? The Washington Post now says swaddling babies increases sudden infant death syndrome. Succumbing to the paranoia of parents who saw the Kim Kardashian picture and started to believe to …

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How to clip a baby’s fingernails? Flashlight cutters while sleeping

My mother warned me not to cut our newborn’s nails – we’re supposed to bite them with our teeth. Evidently, everyone in Ironton, Ohio knows babies grow up to be thieves if you do. But Google found the opposite to be true across the river in Kentucky, where common convictions hold that a baby’s finger …

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Crying baby, sleeping spouse

A benefit in marriage or a committed relationship is the implied responsibility for both to share the burdens. Women have traditionally relied on formalized bondage in marriage to trap men into contributing to child rearing. Today, men have demonstrated they still do less of the child watching and tending than women, and they often defend …

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How to get your child to sleep late

There are no wrong ways to sleep in on a Saturday morning. There’s only the prospect of child neglect. For parents, a safe sleeping crib is a magic machine in child-rearing because this legal baby cage isolates the little ball of energy, preventing escape while ensuring the safety of the prisoner. In response, children have …

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Crying it out will not ruin your child

“But won’t my child feel insecure and abandoned if I let him cry it out?” An emphatic NO! to the softies who think babies hold some sort of long-term grudge or sustain everlasting insecurities as a result of tough love. Nurturing parents allow their children to fail, and these parents apply calculated measures to influence …

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