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The obsession with moving kids around starts before they’re even born, and the next thing you know they’re asking to borrow the keys to your car!

Friday, May 18, 2012 Ben's Birth Story

When a home birth surprises everyone

Friday, May 18, 2012 Ben’s Birth Story … What happens when a mother feels the urge to push but the baby won’t come out? The strength and vigor of this young couple will amaze you. You won’t believe what 15 medics couldn’t do. “Before the paramedics even arrived, David delivered Ben’s head. Then, all of …

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Children and Phones

Children and Phones: Should You Give In?

My pre-schooler has a cell phone. In fact, he has the latest iPhone that he regularly uses to play games and watch videos on YouTube. Judging from the judgmental stares that I’m getting from other parents, it’s safe to say that society is still not ready for kids and cell phones.

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How long can I leave a sleeping baby in the car?

Today’s pundits and doctors insist they know what’s best for our children while not allowing parents to do right by their own judgement. Helicopter parenting laws are coming to municipalities in ways unimagined, but the anti-helicopter parenting movement is pushing back. Humor is one way we’re doing it, including this clever video shows the stress …

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Product Review – Hasbro Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

Riding toys provide a toddler’s first experience with mobility. For most children it will lead to near obsession with big wheels, wagons, tricycles and eventually bicycles. (We wouldn’t be the first to suggest that motorcycles may also be in their cards eventually.) Typically we recommend letting kids discover their own way off toys like the …

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Bumpkins of India

Traveling to India can only be described as otherworldly. There is something both objectionable and illuminating within each of the more than 1000 photos taken during my visit there in 2010. The profound cultural differences became obvious from the moment I felt the taxi speed away from the airport to a hostel in Old Delhi. …

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Early walker, early bleeder

My son is now 8 months and nearly walking unassisted – an early skill that puts him ahead of his peers developmentally but says nothing much regarding his overall intellect. Many people believe that early this or early that means a high IQ, but there’s much more to life than being able to stand fast, …

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