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Stick family guns fight back

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The arms race on the back of cars has heated up. Stickers with stick family guns tell potential predators what they can expect. Profile our family and die!

Evidently the station wagon generation has raised adults who aren’t afraid to fight back.

The new trend comes after well intentioned safety tips were recently issued by R.A.C.E. in central Ohio. The non-profit is causing quite a stir among parents who have stick figures on their family car, stickers that don’t have stick family guns on them. A recent article condemns the unarmed sticker families on the backs of family cars, saying a thief or predator could use the profiles to perpetrate a crime more efficiently.

child-fear-mongersBut as quickly as the warnings not to use the stickers started circulating, parents started fighting back with stick family guns. It turns out that the stick family guns are telling everyone that families are being armed to the hilt!

For $4.95 parents can buy decals that depict what the thief or predator can expect after targeting a family. Not surprisingly, the vitriolic is heating up over the message this sends to both kids and society. “A great way to advertise that you wish to kill someone,” commented G. Gerard on Amazon. “Nobody in their right mind would want to display such a horrible message of violence and fear-mongering.” But other parents dismiss the doubters: “Coming from a hunting family this totally makes sense. (we aren’t zombies,we aren’t ghost busters, we are hunters) All positive feedback even from my liberal friends,” commented Mary on another Amazon feedback forum.Stick family guns

Federal statistics show that more than a third of houses have firearms in them, so telling everyone about your stash seems an appropriate defense for the household. Some parents have gone a step farther by actively teaching their children how to use guns – and we’re not talking about letting kids play with toy guns. “There are a lot of accidents that happen because kids aren’t properly trained to use guns,” Latham Doxey said to ABC News. “So it’s either education or ignorance, is the way we look at it… I would rather be the one to show our kids the proper way to use guns.”

For now, other parents are symbolically arming themselves by telling everyone their stick family guns fight back. That should be enough.

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