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Why we are different

bath-hatBumpkin.com celebrates kids who are rough and tumble and parents who don’t believe you have to be perfect. Perfect parenting makes your kids weird, after all. Parents who read our website won’t always agree on everything we publish, and we hope they don’t.

Controversy is what we won’t avoid, especially when it comes to the rights of parents to raise kids as they see fit:


  • We are against “helicopter parenting”
  • We can support spanking when done strategically
  • We think mud puddles make excellent playmates
  • We think a thrift store is better than Baby Gap
  • We think eating dirt can be good for kids’ health
  • Overprotective parents make themselves and their kids miserable
  • We think common sense is more important than any parenting book

Our views on parenting

We understand some of our views are going to go against the sensibilities of what popular doctors and blogs are publishing. We like the idea, for instance, that someone would spank a child for a good reason. We also think that the government, doctors, pundits and other “experts” should mind their own business and let us raise our kids, home-schooled or not. We make mistakes as parents but we are trying to educate ourselves by understanding what other parents are doing, what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.

Our philosophy


Kids are safer today, but at a cost that often goes overlooked.

There was a time when kids were told to go outside and play – not to come back until dinnertime. There was also a time when kids were considered self governing and independent, free to make mistakes and learn from them. While we know we have to use car seats and strap on helmets before they rid a bike, we’d probably let our kids ride in the back of grandpa’s pickup truck to the grocery store, then let them ride bikes down at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.

Contributors are welcome

Bumpkin.com is looking for contributors who can grow with our vision and follow our guidelines. We’re starting small but think the sky is the limit for those who want to get in on the ground floor of something honest and innovative. Heck we may even make a lot of money some day and we intend to share the wealth with those who are making it a success.