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Using a doorway jumper as the babysitter

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The holy grail for parents has everything to do with finding the right toys for the right times in your child’s life. The doorway jumper might just be your next babysitter.

When tossing your child is out of the question and you’ve run out of newspaper for the baby to eat, perhaps it’s time to strap the baby in and walk away.

Doorway JumperBy ensuring the child is content and occupied, parents can get on with those other things in life that never seem to get done. The best toys are the ones that allow parents to feel that their kids are occupied as well as safe. Enter the doorway jumper.

Kimberly A. Hofer commented on Amazon.com that “This is the only way I can take a shower everyday. My son loves this jumper and would happily stay in it for an hour, if I let him.”

Heck, why not go for two hours and take a bubble bath. Kids are enjoying this toy more than should be legal. But act quickly, a doorway jumper is just the type of toy that might one day be illegal to sell. Let’s face it … bouncing the way they do will eventually lead some child, somewhere, to encounter problems. But it’s this adventure that also makes it so much fun for babies.

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