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5 reasons why baby tossing is good for your baby

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Baby tossing spans the globe, from harrowing rooftop rituals in India to gymnastics training in Russia to baby Yoga studios in California and New York. Don’t be afraid to take your babies and toss them around, horseplay and otherwise push your limits with what you feel is a responsible level of baby tossing for your baby.


While we don’t advocate stressing babies or doing anything that endangers babies, many new parents have no idea that there are major health benefits to tossing and turning babies. We’re told repeatedly not to shake or toss babies, so we thought we’d look around and see what people are doing to thumb their noses at doctors’ advice.
5 facts that baby tossing is good for your baby:

  1. Doctors say horseplay with kids is good!
    Some doctors are going on the record to say that it’s about time we accept the good in horseplay and start baby tossing. The Art of Roughhousing (Available on Amazon $10.53) includes the the testimony of doctors who say “rough-and-tumble play can nurture close connections, solve behavior problems, boost confidence, and more.”

  2. Formalized baby tossing ceremonies have been around for centuries
    While nobody in the western world would attempt tossing babies off rooftops, that’s exactly what the Hindu priests are doing in the Bagalkot district of southern India. Called “Okali” to the locals, baby tossing in India has been going on for thousands of years. Today’s defenders of the ritual point out the practice reaffirms spiritual commitment to the next generation and unites the people. They believe baby tossing will ensure good health and prosperity for their families. Shocking video shows parents willingly pushing their infants to the front of a line where priests on rooftops toss babies down into ceremonial blankets held by men at the foot of a temple.

  3. Extreme Baby Yoga is the new rage
    Only a few decades ago Yoga was considered a sinful and dangerous practice, foreign to the sensibilities of Americans and persecuted by community leaders. Today, Baby Yoga has become a serious discipline throughout the world, seemingly dangerous and difficult to watch for those not accustomed to its sometimes aggressive movements. Next stop San Francisco and New York City! (VIEW DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

  4. Dynamic gymnastics in Russia makes babies happy
    It’s hard to deny the sheer joy and pleasure in this next video. “Gymnastics with Jaromir” demonstrates a tradition in Russia that some advocates say help train many of the best Olympians the world has ever seen.

  5. Your brother is already baby tossing
    Sooner or later an uncle or brother is going to get a hold of your rambunctious little bumpkin and decide he needs a good toss. Home videos are proving the joys little babies and their family members get from this baby tossing recreation time. Ignorance may be bliss, but don’t think it’s not happening during that babysitting time next door.

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