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Where to get cash for vaccinations

My daughter is up to date for all her shots. We don’t have insurance, so I forked over the money on my own. As soon as my daughter’s pediatrician mentions a needed vaccine, I tell him to move forward with it. Obviously, I’m on the side of parents who get their kids vaccinated. It’s also …

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Vitamin supplements for toddlers

Vitamin supplements for toddlers are good

Now, there’s a sanctimonious anti-vitamin movement saying vitamin supplements for toddlers is bad. These folks who helicopter over their kids are the same ones using iPhone apps with ankle bracelets on their children. Well-meaning parents and coaches, who advise youth athletes to take dietary supplements in an effort to promote early athletic development, improve performance, …

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ban computers for one day a week

Why we should ban computers for one day a week

There’s no doubt computers are heaven-sent. Computers allow dads like me to reach out to friends, do research, chat with family and “accidentally” check the occasional porn site. Of course, our kids are also curious about everything that’s out there on the Internet. Although we have already set down technology rules for them, they’re not …

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