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Product Review – Hasbro Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

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Riding toys provide a toddler’s first experience with mobility. For most children it will lead to near obsession with big wheels, wagons, tricycles and eventually bicycles. (We wouldn’t be the first to suggest that motorcycles may also be in their cards eventually.)

Typically we recommend letting kids discover their own way off toys like the Hasbro Step Start Walk ‘n Ride, but sometimes the wining can get to be too much so we intervene. Nonetheless, the toy is close enough to the ground so that you don’t have to fear them falling too far to the ground when they eventually bust their rears. One thing you’ll notice is that we kept this toy primarily in its car position, as in the walking position the wheels spin too quickly and the toy gets away from the baby. One reviewer on Amazon.com said “The design of this toy is bizarre at best.” Nonetheless, the near obsession kids seem to have with this toy means you should definitely have one for that 10 month – 16 month range when they’re just considering how to walk and definitely ready to take a ride like the big boys and girls they aspire to be.

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