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How to keep your baby asleep with breast implants

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Here’s a trick that men are woefully inadequate in supplying – a soft breast for your baby’s head. ENTER PILLOWS! Babies naturally want to feel that place of comfort that they know will give them both nurturing and sustenance.Etsy's WorldofWander By wedging a pillow in just the right spot, your sleeping baby will be lulled into naps that last longer and are more restful.

As your baby gets older, the old pillow triCKmay not be as effective. For those who have pets, you might even try wedging your little bumpkin next to your dog or cat for a real-life similation of human comfort. We applaud WorldofWander, one of Etsy’s most in-touch bumpkin illustrators for her depiction of sleeping dogs with babies. Artist Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe sells this wonderful print for $30.00, an inspiration to all of us seeking longer naps and quieter afternoons.

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