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7 safe sex toys for second trimester sex

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DildosPregnant women and sex toys for second trimester sex are like french fries and ketchup. Let me explain what I mean by that. When you eat french fries you can dip them in ketchup. You can slather them in mayonnaise. You can eat them plain or put untold varieties of sauce on them. The reason why is taste. We all want the best flavor of things we choose in life. The same goes for sexual gratification during the first, second and, especially, the third trimester in pregnancy!

Those pregnant women who embrace sex toys for second trimester sex tend to be more comfortable with themselves and more fulfilled with their partners.

Bumpkin Dildo

#1. Dildo – Remember to avoid phthalates that are used to soften plastics to make them more flexible. This is the best way for a woman to enjoy sex on their own time when partners may not be around. Or with them is fun, too.

bumpkin-rabbit#2. The Rabbit -It really goes without saying that the rabbit is the preferred vibrator sex toy meant in the shape of a phallus with a clitoral simulator attached to the shaft. It’s so popular it’s garnered its own Wikipedia page.

It isn’t the sex toys themselves that give greater pleasure. But, it is the openness and communication between the partners that gives the most pleasure. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Nobody will deny the use sex toys for second trimester sex is an obvious assistance in reducing the inherent stress in this big life event. After all, variety in sex is the spice of life and shouldn’t be compromised because of a baby deep in your belly!

Bumpkin Collar#3. Sex Collars – Check out the Amazon customer reviews for the good and bad around these particular safe sex toys for second trimester pregnant women. Don’t buy the cheap plastic ones, instead, find something that has a fabric and just the right amount of discomfort – if that’s what floats your boat!

Unless you have a complicated pregnancy, sex toys for second trimester sex are healthy and wonderful!

There is an old misconception in relationships that sex toys are a sign of inadequacy in the romance portion of the partnership. But this makes about as much sense as saying that adding ketchup is a sign of an inadequate lunch.

Bumpkin Flogger

#4. The Flogger – Despite its appearance, this sex tool isn’t so much about pain as it is the teasing and stimulation that comes with using one. Be sure to research the one that meets these requirements.

We also need to realize that the person we are eating lunch with might just like mustard on their fries and that’s OK. I think that I have just about exhausted the depth of this analogy, so I will sum up. Ketchup is good and so is mustard but you wont know how good sex toys for second trimester sex can be unless you try it!


Now that you have cozied up to your sex toys, it’s time to talk to your partner openly as a couple that you want to try sex toys. Shopping for romance enhancements can be nearly as much fun as using them. Don’t laugh, I said nearly. But, it is important that you do this step together if you’re involving a worried partner.

Either online for privacy or heading down to the local sex shop is good.

Look at the variety of kinky accessories as a couple and discuss them to see if they are things you want to add to your sexual relationship.

Bumpkin Blindfold#5. The Blindfold – The mystery of sex can be heightened when anticipation is central to the game being played. Blindfolds are sex toys because they are part of the bigger game being played.

This way both parties know that the sex toys for second trimester sex are something that excites you both and it is something you both want. The communication in a marriage or in a relationship for couples is the single most important sex toy you can have. It also has the added bonus of being free.

sex toys for second trimester

My advice is to start small. Don’t jump into a big investment right at the start. Most sex toys are reasonably priced, especially for the beginner. Often there are kits with a small variety of kink accessories that are very budget friendly.


#6. Handcuffs – Similar to the blindfold, most sex hand cuffs don’t really lock a person in if they’re trying to escape. Just a little bit of resistance is all that’s needed to create a situation of submission. Submission is one of the biggest aphrodisiacs known to womankind.

The range of sex toys is extreme. It goes from purchasing one small vibrator to some adventurous couples having whole rooms of their homes devoted to the subject. It all depends on what you and your partner want for your relationship. It is worth the adventure no matter where you fall on the complexity scale. It can open doors in your relationship for greater communication. So it is a win/win scenario.

bumpkin-lingerie#7. Lingerie – Let’s not forget the power that comes with dress-up. And we’re not just talking about panties here! Ask your partner or get into some costume that makes you feel sexy.

sex toys for second trimesterIn truth when you boil it down it is about comfort. The more comfortable you are with your sex toys the more willing you are to enjoy what you like and don’t like. It is readily evident that couples and those in marriages that do use sex toys are at a clear advantage in happiness and fulfillment. It’s no different for pregnant women who want to use sex toys to be happy. While those who do not are stumbling around in the dark, hoping to avoid problems needless. That isn’t to say that those who find their gratification the hard way don’t have fulfilling sex and relationships. It just means it is harder. Don’t make it harder by being afraid of sex toys for second trimester sex.

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