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My Wife Won't Sleep With Me

5 reasons my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me

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You might be surprised the reasons my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me. It’s mind-boggling that it could come down to these five things, but once I learned why she wouldn’t have sex with me I got her back.

Extracurricular Overload: Who Stole my Sex Pot?

Her activities are established with a positive intent by friends and co-workers. These friends share camaraderie, learn about each other and families, build relationships and nurture old ones, talk about a lot of things without solving them, and generally do what friends are ought to do when getting together – stir the pot of frustration about how difficult things are with XYZ.

The reason my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me with me is because she’s frustrated.

Husband wants sexWhat if I told you my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me because she is so over-scheduled with so many extracurricular activities that she can’t find the energy to have sex?

The reasons my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me are the same as why yours won’t sleep with you – not just because she’s pregnant but also because she’s deteriorated due to stress, burnout and exhaustion from too much to do. If your pregnant wife won’t sleep with you it’s time to intervene.

5 reasons my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me and what I did to fix the problem

1. Over-Scheduling tops the list of reasons my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me

Pare down the schedule and ask yourself, “who is responsible for my wife’s packed schedule?”

First, the partner needs to determine what part, if any, they play in the overscheduling.

Unfortunately, a husband who is too quick to intervene will likely just push his wife further away. This strategy is driven by the quest for a “quick fix, quick fuck” that never works. It ain’t gonna happen.

2. Separate Schedules is the second reason my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me

In trying to ‘help’ a marriage, it’s important to schedule agendas together. Of course my pregnant wife wants to be both constantly engaged and independent. By insisting on her independence and that her life remains her own despite the promise of compromised freedom soon to come with the birth of our fetus, it remains that my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me because I’m not on her agenda.

3. Sex Is Not In the Schedule is also why my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me

I told my pregnant wife I wanted sex and she pushed me away, but then I told her I want to schedule “together time” with her and she was flattered. Most importantly, we’re talking about scheduling a great deal of build up around what women would prefer to think of as together-time together.

“Together-time” means foreplay to you an me – cooking her dinner, rubbing her feet, watching a romantic movie and generally nurturing each other without overtly trying to drag my pregnant wife into bed.

4. Her Biological Clock Schedule is so outta wack my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me

My pregnant wife manifests signs when she is too busy? Pay special attention to her general health, whether she’s getting headaches and complaining about swollen feet.

If she doesn’t feel sexy, then my pregnant wife won’t sleep with me!

Of course she’s complaining of headaches and stomach cramps. Of course she is nervous and irrational. Of course she feels like she does not get enough good sleep and that the world is generally moving too fast. SHE’S PREGNANT!
Is she starting to grumble? I monitor her moods and look to disarm them when they’re headed toward frustration. If your happy-go-lucky kid wife is waking up in a grouchy humor and cries a lot, she’s pregnant and she’s overscheduled.
5. An Unbalanced Schedule means my wife won’t sleep with me
It’s obvious her life is out of balance, she’s not finding joy, doesn’t feel the same sort of harmony she has in the past. She keeps getting sick because she eats too often and not enough.A re-balance of my wife was necessary for her to feel less stressed, more comfortable and generally liking having me around again. I work harder to schedule family dinners, business commitments, visits with friends and all those activities that make her happy. But I mostly do less of it. That’s working better for us.

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