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Safe Sex in Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Six precautions for sex in 6th month of pregnancy

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Sex in the 6th month of pregnancy is safe and can be more stimulating for a woman than normal. But the below six precautions should be followed. First, check out online testimonials from women entering their last trimester and you’ll understand how intensely blissful sex in 6th month of pregnancy really can be. Sex in 6th month of pregnancy can boost your immune system, relieve stress and lower your blood pressure for you and your baby. Bumpkin’s safe sex positions in third trimester apply at all times.

Six precautions for sex in 6th month of pregnancy
Get your bump on safely and enjoy!

Sexual arousal releases the lovely chemical called “dopamine”.

Raising your level of dopamine with sex in the 6th month of pregnancy can ease depression and anxiety, according to WebMD. Because the release of dopamine in your brain is good, says doctors, you can bet the release in your fetus will be a good thing, too.

Six precautions for sex in 6th month of pregnancy

  • GOOD! – Dildos/Vibrators in sex in 6th month of pregnancy: These handy gadgets come in a variety of sizes (and colors) and should never be introduced in a complicated pregnancy or one involving larger than normal fetuses. Sex toys in the 6th month of pregnancy should resemble normal-sized genitalia – devices that are anatomically correct. Dildos are designed for penetration, whether that be the vagina or the anus. Vibrators are similar in design, but give you those “good vibrations”. Both should be set to slow speed settings, so you stay on the safe side of love.
  • BAD! – Banned toys for sex in 6th month of pregnancy: Anal beads, oversized strap-ons  and other devices where physical stress can aggravate the pregnant woman are generally a bad idea, unless the woman has a very high comfort level with such toys. Anal sex and anal stimulation is not taboo and can be highly pleasurable for both partners if done correctly. Even the most timid can be eased into anal play with the right partner and toy. Anal beads are graduated beads on a shaft, usually with a tapered end for easy insertion, but can break off and are not recommended.
  • GOOD! – Approved toys for sex in 6th month of pregnancy: Butt plugs are safer, generally. Cockrings delay ejaculation and keep the penis erect for extended sex sessions. “Strokers” resemble a woman’s vagina and typically used during masturbation.
  • GOOD/BAD! – Bondage: 50 Shades of Grey has thrust bondage into the forefront, but not necessarily in the best light. Bondage does not have to involve whips or chains or pain – it can simply be a restraint, resulting in a loss of control for the restraintee.  Wrists and ankles, or simply the wrists, strapped to the posts of a bed, or under-the-mattress restraint systems can be used.
  • BAD! – Bondage & Discipline/Domination & Submission (BDSM): If you want to push the envelope, don’t do it while you’re pregnant. What you’re comfortable with in regard to pushing the physical and psychological limits when you’re not pregnant can be too much stress and punishment to your unborn baby. Nipple clamps, whips, dog collars, paddles – the list goes on and on. Specifically designed furniture can place the body in different positions for ultimate punishment (and pleasure), and they’re all bad during sex in 6th month of pregnancy.
  • BAD! – Sex Machines: No, not the bad 80’s song, but actual machines built for pleasure. The Versa Fuk Machine will kill your baby. Any phallic shape that can be mechanically manipulated to thrust in and out repeatedly does not have the nuance to shut itself off.
Versa Fuk Machine
Versa Fuk Machine is banned for pregnant women…

What dopamine does for sex in the 6th month of pregnancy

You can raise your dopamine levels through diet and exercise – and sex in the 6th month of pregnancy definitely counts as exercise! Remember that rush of euphoria you got every time you thought about your special someone when you first started dating? That giddy, walking-on-air feeling? Unfortunately, that feeling lasts only so long. In the beginning, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and felt you’d die if you didn’t have sex RIGHT NOW.

Lubrication gels should be applied liberally when having sex or using any kind of sex toy.

Over time, your need for sex dwindles as you become comfortable in your relationship. This doesn’t mean you’re no longer attracted to your lover, simply means your relationship has matured and deepened – this end to the “honeymoon period” is not a bad thing! But then you got pregnant and your sexual escapades seems to have fulfilled their purpose.

The first five months of pregnancy can be very different than the last ones.

Maybe your escapades have become mundane as you approach sex in the 6th month of pregnancy, but they don’t have to remain that way if you follow a few important precautions.  Sex in the 6th month of pregnancy can include sex toys and awesome positions. Fantasy or sexual preference should be indulged – with just a few things to remember.

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