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Toddler Disasters

Toddler disasters are more common than you think

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There’s bound to be parents out there who say we shouldn’t celebrate bad parenting, but we’re realistic about the fact that things go wrong sometimes. We feel that it’s fair to take a moment to appreciate them in a way that helps us deal with out own disasters coming on just about …. now!

When kids do things to make us want to rip out our hair, parents can take refuge that someone has seen it before. The Internet blesses us with enough “I can’t believe my child did that” moments to help us remember that we’re not alone when we have our own toddler disasters.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s favorites, in no particular order …

#1. Lotion Disaster – What happens when mommy’s favorite lotion becomes your 3-year old’s favorite new toy to be dispersed, slathered and otherwise indulged?

#2. Dogfood Disaster – There’s something irresistible about dog food that comes in little pellets and rolls all over the ground like some wonderful version of the box-o-balls at Chucky-e-Cheese. What’s great about videos these days is that parents are laughing at the same time they are trembling out of frustration and anger. Perhaps it’s a protective mechanism to keep them from lashing out at their beloved child. If you can’t cry then you might as well laugh!

#3. Kitchen Disaster – There’s so many opportunities to go wrong, and the fact of the matter is that everyone has kids getting into a mess in the kitchen at least once or twice/week. These kids are at least getting involved in the cleanup while getting the lecture from the parent.

#4. Flour Disaster – There’s been a number of videos gone viral with kids really messing up houses with paint, water, oil and all sorts of permanent damage. Flour would seem fairly benign until after the accident and there’s no real way of getting it out of everything. Flour. Goes. Everywhere!

#5. Collection of Horrors – Sit back and relax knowing this collection of disasters happened to somebody else. We think it’s all about sharing stories, all about sharing those toddler disasters and reminding the next parent that he or she is not alone with the struggles as well as the joys that come with being a parent.

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