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Is my child possessed?

Is my child possessed by the devil?

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There are some children who are born with gifts, the gift to heal or an ability to see spirits that adults can’t. But what about those kids who are in touch with the darker side of reality? There are plenty of accounts where kids demonstrate abilities beyond the realm of understanding. Take the recent post from a concerned mother asking for advice on how to save her six year old, Lilly.

“As it stood up, my legs gave out from under me. I gasped and crawled at the wall behind me. This being’s legs were so long that the shadow’s torso spilled onto the wall. It unfolded its arms – long enough to reach to it’s knees. The shadow, the being, walked along my wall to the orb that was in the window.

It stood there, and I felt and the orb slowed down, and the room grew dimmer, and dimmer, and dimmer until it was black as night, and the orb and shadows disappeared completely.”

Is my child possessed?

Some people might laugh it off while suggesting there’s no such thing as the Bogey Man – or fairy tales. But for those who embrace a theology rich in angels and miracles, the inverse must also be true. The Bible says that Satan does not look like a cartoon character in a red suit with horns; instead, Satan is an angel.

“2 Corinthians 11:14 – And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

And don’t think that non-Christians can dismiss the phenomenon without realizing the historic significance of possession. Gautama Buddha was famous for his ability to expel through his use of finger gestures. According to many Chinese, mogwai are demons which often inflict harm on humans and are said to be triggered by the coming of rain. Many of what are considered “evil spirits” in the West have their origins in the Eastern continents.

Signs your my child is possessed by the devil:

  • Wrath is wrought wherever your child goes
  • Your child has friends with non-traditional names, like “Moss” or “Indiana”
  • Your child kills innocent creatures
  • Your child is born with no hair
  • Likes eating uncooked meat
  • Can predict the outcome of an accident before it happens
  • Your child demonstrates “Sign of the Horns”

Sign of the HornsSatanism is a broad term referring to a group of social movements with their beliefs routed in philosophy inspired by Satan. It is estimated there are more than 50,000 Satanists in the world, and Satanism is allowed in the Royal Navy of the British Armed Forces.

Fortunately, there are ways to remedy the problem if you are asking yourself “Is my child possessed by the devil?”

What to do if my child is possessed by the devil:

  • Humble yourself and get right with the God of your choice, whether it’s the Holy Spirit or some Eastern God you vaguely believe in
  • Get your child baptized or indoctrinated in some codified religion
  • Sing positive music to your child
  • Praise your child and reinforce good values
  • Teach your child to pray or meditate on good things.

Is my child possessed?

Finally, there is one solution that often gets forgotten through all of this speculation.


Love is the way that people overcome turmoil and conquer the dark side of life. Doubters who are without God can still agree that love is something that is real and something that will protect all of us from the illness that resembles the form of the devil.

Taking the time to work with your children, to understand their perspective and formulate their value systems means first accepting the possibility that my child is possessed by the devil, then acting on the notion to cleanse his or her spirit. With a little work, you’ll be free of the devil, too.


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  1. Michelle Napoli says:

    My sisters 4 yr old step daughter says she likes blood n she wants to kill her mamas new baby n i saw her eyes roll back n her demeanor changed from little girl to grown slut. Theres so many things that r way odd. Like i No she has something take over her sometimes. Please tell me tests i can do or something ok. Thank u

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