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Questions about the Bump

Pregnancy questions I was too afraid to ask

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Questions about the BumpI was so horny I chased my husband around the house with a belt! Was that normal? When pregnant our hormones can do a number on our bodies and minds. Many times the questions we want to ask seem silly to us, so we don’t ask them. Here are answers to some of the pregnancy questions I was too afraid to ask.


Sex is one of the most un-talked about things in life – and especially during pregnancy.

Is sex safe for the baby? There are no harmful effects to having intercourse. The amniotic fluid around the baby help to protect the baby throughout your pregnancy.  Sex is even helpful when trying to induce labor during the third trimester.

Will oral sex or masturbation harm the baby? Oral sex has never proven to have any major negative side effects. However, in rare cases an air embolism can occur through blowing into the vagina forcibly. Masturbation isn’t harmful to you or the baby. Vibrators are safe to use as long as your doctor has not ordered you otherwise. You may feel the baby move more while using a vibrator, however this is a sign of a healthy baby.

My sex drive has changed, is that normal? Fatigue and nausea could make your desire to have sex be reduced. This especially happens during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Reduced sex drive can also be caused by the large size of your baby bump. However, the opposite is also true. You can become friskier and desire sex more. Due to the increased blood flow to your vaginal area it can encourage you to have more intense sexual experience, sometimes even obtaining multiple orgasms.

Questions about the BumpBodily Functions

Another bunch of pregnancy questions I was too afraid to ask are about the weird things going on with my body leading up and following the birth. We spend so much time worrying about the things our bodies do that we are afraid to ask the questions when they sound weird.

Will the constipation ever end? Your hormones are intensified right after conception. As the baby grows they will be pressing on your bowels. This can also cause constipation during pregnancy.

Why am leaking urine? As your hormones increase, your pelvic muscles begin to relax in preparation for the baby’s travel down the birth canal. As the baby grows and presses on your bladder your muscles have additional strain placed on them.

What is the weird discharge from my vagina? As your estrogen levels rise you will produce more discharge than before. Prevent isn’t possible, however staying dry is most important while pregnant.

At the Birth

There are several pregnancy questions I was too afraid to ask about the birth itself. Asking some of these last minute questions can embarrass us because they may seem rude or silly.

Questions about the Bump

What if my water breaks in public? It is important to remember that your life isn’t always like the movies. Most of the time your water will not break all at once, or in a violent fashion. It has a tendency to slowly seep out of your body. Water breaking is a sign that your labor has begun and there is no reason to worry.

Will I really poop while I’m having my baby? This is something that everyone wonders even if they don’t admit it. The sad reality is almost everyone does poop during delivery. This is because to get your little one through the birth canal you will need to push using your kegel muscles. These are the same muscles as when you use to bear down in the bathroom.

Is it best for my husband to be in the delivery room? So many worry about what their life will be like after they deliver. Most of them wonder if they can be attractive to their partners after they have seen them deliver a baby. Even though it isn’t glamorous most men want to be there. Most men are so excited about the baby that they aren’t worried about anything else.

No matter what your pregnancy questions, you need to not fear asking them. Find a friend to talk to, or even ask your doctor. Your support system is important from the beginning of conception until the time that the baby graduates high school or college.

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