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Valentines Day for Kids

Gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day

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When we are young (or single) Valentine’s Day tends to be a day that we focus on romance, or intimacy. Gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day can be difficult for new parents. It’s less about Romance and more about LOVE. Here’s a few gift ideas to consider. To get that intimate dinner it’s finding a babysitter, to whom you have to pay. Get the kids ready for the sitter, ensure they are taken care of food, etc. Then maybe it is a little bit of alone time. But, you have to have the babysitter home at a decent hour, so no late night movie.

Valentines Day for KidsValentine’s Day turns into a day where we show the people in our lives we love them. It is amazing how much I love my kids and this is why we turned Valentine’s Day into a family holiday. Here are some gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day:

Love Notes
Remember how amazing it felt to find that note waiting in the mailbox, or your lunchbox. Well it’s the same for kids, only to them it’s bigger. This can be as simple as cutting out some hearts (or cheat and get some from the craft store) and write sweet endearments in their heart. Surprise them with the places they find them:

  • Lunchbox
  • school agenda book
  • Their seat of the car
  • In their after-school snack spot

bumpkin-kif Scavenger Hunt
More wonderful gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day are online everywhere, but my favorite is the scavenger hunt. You make heart shaped clues that lead them around the house. This is beneficial for those readers in your family. You hide a small holiday candy (or treat) with each clue and make them search out their presents. One present was all we ever gave the kids, and it was always something silly like a stuffed animal or toy truck. You can put simple locations or even more difficult ones to be hunted for.

I love decorating the house in holiday things. Gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day always include decorations for me because I feel the spirit of the holiday. Get heart confetti and table mats from the store to decorate the tables. Place a few heart cut outs around as well. One thing I think might be neat is to make a heart chain to hang off of the doorway. Learning that it’s about loving something makes it fun for me. Loving the simple decorations has helped me encourage the kids a bit more.

Bumpkin Love

Dinner Finally
One of the most common signs of love on Valentine’s Day is dinner. For so many single individuals that means a nice meal out with fancy glasses. We decided to find some pretty glasses with hearts on them that looked fancy. Kids feel special with special drink glasses.

Next, we make a themed dinner. In my home we make heart shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes, and a green vegetable. Having any food with unusual colors make eating more fun. The same goes for yummy shapes, like hearts.

Having Valentine’s Day with your kids can be fun. All you have to remember is that they want to be loved like you do. Things that you would be touched to receive, the kids will love as well. Enjoy your holiday with your little ones, and make it special for all involved.

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