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When paint goes wrong

5 toddler paint disasters caught on video

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There’s something permanent about some disasters while others just fall into the category of “another day”. But these 5 toddler paint disasters caught on video portray a sort of permanence that most parents would like to forget.

Remember these horrible acts portrayed by kids the next time someone says to you, “Enjoy every moment.”

#1 – No Juice for you!

This classic video shows just how bad things can get. The father starts laughing so hard, at one point the child begs him off. The classic dillema ensues where the parent can’t decide whether to punish or celebrate his children’s actions – given the creative indignities self-inflicted on them.

The best the dad can come up with is, “No More Juice!”

He tries to resume a stern manner, insisting that the siblings are in ‘big trouble’ but his voice continues to waver.

At the end of the clip he says that a clean-up operation will be taking place.

These kids were asked if they deserve a punishment for their painting fiasco – and they’re quite sure the answer is NO! Despite the parents stern rebukes, their laughter at the inanity can be heard in their voices.

#2. Painting the Heavens

We can only imagine what the room looked like where the atrocity occurred.

#3 – Caught Red, Green, Blue Handed

We know that we’re taking a chance when we step away from watching our children.

The inherent vice for the anti-helicopter parent means that those kids are gonna do something stupid at the exact time you go to the bathroom for that one 5-minute break you take out of an entire day of otherwise good and supervised playtime.

Our heart goes out to her:

#4 – “Helping” the parents paint the bathroom

No doubt that these fine young children were up to something other than helping their parents with painting the bathroom. Still, you can hear the voice of the mother: “Thanks,” she musters with what must be the biggest grimace of her life.

#5 – How to tell your toddler “No”
The funniest part of the accidents where a mess is made (but nobody gets hurt) comes when you realize that you have to tell your kids its not funny at all.

In fact, it is kinda funny or we wouldn’t be listing out our favorites on this page.

One man or one woman’s disaster is another’s pleasure! Here’s a few ideas for how to handle those incidents.

Keep in mind that we don’t, under any circumstance, support the type of disasters portrayed in these videos. However, we know that part of getting on with raising kids means that a sense of humor is always needed. We’re quite certain it helps laughing at other kids and their parents who know something about what we’re dealing with every day.

Nothing like a little break from our own kids’ disasters to indulge in those of others!

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