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Butt injuries in children

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A growing number of parents are warning against letting children bump-butt down stairs. What are the risks associated with butt injuries in children? Many. What are the pleasures watching your kid bump down stairs? Many more.

Not that we would condone butt-bumping down stairs. Apparently, there’s a serious problem with injuries in children, so get educated before you fly away in your anti-helicopter.

Here are the two most common types of injuries common in children:

Butt Bruises – This is all just part of the game of growing up and shouldn’t cause any alarm unless symptoms last longer than two days. Sometimes a fracture or disclocation of the coccyx can result, an injury caused when the sacroiliac joint (where the pelvis and the back of the spine meet) gets knocked too hard. A bruised ass or what the doctors like to call a “contusion” can be painful and debilitating. The best course of action is rest for the toddler (nearly impossible, I know) and doses of Tylenol by doctor’s orders. Messages sometimes work but also sometimes aggravate the injury.


Anal Fissure By Age
Anal Fissure By Age

Anal Fissures – That’s a naughty word but really nothing to laugh about. Blood in the poop, constipation, hemorrhoids or other side effects are common with this unmentionable injury – and who would think of a worse place on the body when teaching confidence is part of the lesson plan? A small tear in the lining of the anus can cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements primarily, but also during normal activities. There are approximately 200,000 cases in the United States annually in children. Treating Anal Fissures with saline baths or an H-Fissures Formula can be your best bet.

Leading causes of Butt Injuries

  • Biking
  • Stair Bumping Gone Wild
  • Children

Given that these two injuries make up the majority of butt injuries in children, it’s worth noting that the tailbone (coccyx) is one of the hardiest bones in the body and quickest to heal. Injuries rarely require medical attention, but it’s worth contacting a doctor when your kid complains about their butt getting injured. Don’t be the ass who’s too embarrassed to seek help when your kids needs it. And don’t be the helicopter parent who thinks they shouldn’t bump down stairs when they want to. Moderation is the key.

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