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Richard Aaron Wright balances his life as a digital media producer and a father.

helicopter mom

Crazy overprotective parents seek help

A growing number of parents are crazy overprotective parents, and some are seeking professional help to free their children from their controlling ways. Crazy overprotective parents are those parents who hover around their child and swoop in and help their child whenever the child is distressed or challenged – even when the kid doesn’t need …

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How to raise a successful athlete.

How to raise a successful athlete

Here’s the statement that parents throughout the world should agree on, not only when it comes to athletics, but also any competitive activity. How to raise a successful athlete is best summed up in the words of this adage. Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent …

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Is my child possessed?

Is my child possessed by the devil?

There are some children who are born with gifts, the gift to heal or an ability to see spirits that adults can’t. But what about those kids who are in touch with the darker side of reality? There are plenty of accounts where kids demonstrate abilities beyond the realm of understanding. Take the recent post …

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Friday, May 18, 2012 Ben's Birth Story

When a home birth surprises everyone

Friday, May 18, 2012 Ben’s Birth Story … What happens when a mother feels the urge to push but the baby won’t come out? The strength and vigor of this young couple will amaze you. You won’t believe what 15 medics couldn’t do. “Before the paramedics even arrived, David delivered Ben’s head. Then, all of …

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How long can I leave a sleeping baby in the car?

Today’s pundits and doctors insist they know what’s best for our children while not allowing parents to do right by their own judgement. Helicopter parenting laws are coming to municipalities in ways unimagined, but the anti-helicopter parenting movement is pushing back. Humor is one way we’re doing it, including this clever video shows the stress …

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