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Author: Richard Aaron Wright

Richard Aaron Wright balances his life as a digital media producer and a father.

Helicopter parenting laws enforced in South Carolina

The backlash against the North August city government has been nothing less than severe as news outlets accuse them of enforcing helicopter parenting laws. From the state where conservative politics once meant mind-your-own-damn-business, southern police departments have started targeting anti-helicopter parents – those who let their kids run free and learn independence by playing alone. …

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Children's games hipsters hate

10 children’s games hipsters hate

As hipsters look at what their parents’ did for entertainment as children, this skinny-jeaned generation of emotionally-wrought urban youth finds disdain in the previous generation’s competitiveness and downright aggressive play. Those children’s games were tough! While hipsters organize non-competitive kick-ball leagues without scoring to prevent one side feeling bad about losing, we thought it would …

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Got Malnutrition Peta?

PETA’s Got Autism anti-milk movement encourages malnutrition

I’ve got two words for you, PETA, and they ain’t Merry Christmas. Scaremongering tactics linking autism and milk are criminal. Score one for malnutrition. PETA’s recent press release deduces from a flawed study from 2002 to say babies and children shouldn’t drink milk. It’s flawed because the study looked at a whopping 20 children cross section. …

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5 reasons why baby tossing is good for your baby

Baby tossing spans the globe, from harrowing rooftop rituals in India to gymnastics training in Russia to baby Yoga studios in California and New York. Don’t be afraid to take your babies and toss them around, horseplay and otherwise push your limits with what you feel is a responsible level of baby tossing for your …

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5 reasons GMO is not harmful to children

Although the corporate greed for control over GMO is appalling, any health concerns for giving GMO to children are unfounded. GMO is not harmful to children. Study after study continue to prove the bad health theories surrounding genetically modified organism (GMO) industry are wrong. While concerned activists have their heart in the right place, by …

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Review on spoons for baby food pouches

Baby pouches are replacing jars because of ease, but what’s the best way to squeeze it out? Here’s a video reviewing the best spoons for baby food pouches. We’re celebrating modern engineering by featuring the “Space Spoon”, which more properly goes by the name of a “Dispensing Spoon” that screws on to the pouches of …

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When a child contest becomes abuse

There’s nothing wrong with showing off a child’s beauty, but a child contest becomes abuse when parents live vicariously and sacrifice character and fun. Child beauty pageants aren’t the only times a child contest becomes abuse, but that’s usually the first thing people think about. Any hobby contests, intellectual competitions, sporting events, or school fairs …

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Childproofing by fear mongers

A childproofing and child safety expert will give you much to consider when building a nest for your newborn, but they often exaggerate how commonplace it is for household items to hurt or kill babies. After having our first baby, my spouse signed me up for one of those infant CPR and infant safety classes …

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Product Review – Hasbro Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

Riding toys provide a toddler’s first experience with mobility. For most children it will lead to near obsession with big wheels, wagons, tricycles and eventually bicycles. (We wouldn’t be the first to suggest that motorcycles may also be in their cards eventually.) Typically we recommend letting kids discover their own way off toys like the …

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What if my baby eats newspaper?

Our 10-month old son has joined the debate over whether news on tablets is better than printed news. I prefer he eat the printed news, but he seems to appreciate the benefits of both. To explain what I’m dealing with I first need to cover our daily routine. My mornings begin with a cup of …

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