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Review on spoons for baby food pouches

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Baby pouches are replacing jars because of ease, but what’s the best way to squeeze it out? Here’s a video reviewing the best spoons for baby food pouches.

baby-food-pouchesWe’re celebrating modern engineering by featuring the “Space Spoon”, which more properly goes by the name of a “Dispensing Spoon” that screws on to the pouches of baby food. While we have a review on spoons for baby food pouches, we also list out the most popular ways to use these baby food patches below:

  1. Squeeze it directly into the mouth of the baby
  2. Squeeze it into a spoon, then feed spoon to the baby
  3. Squeeze into a bowl, then squeeze spoon it out to the baby
  4. Squeeze into an applied Dispensing Spoon, or “Space Spoon”
  5. Hand the bag to the baby and let them figure it out!

Good eating!


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