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Crazy overprotective parents seek help

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A growing number of parents are crazy overprotective parents, and some are seeking professional help to free their children from their controlling ways.

Crazy overprotective parents are those parents who hover around their child and swoop in and help their child whenever the child is distressed or challenged – even when the kid doesn’t need it. These are parents who admit they are continuing to hover over their children well into the child’s teens, twenties and beyond.

Signs you are crazy overprotective parents:

  • 100% parenting 100% of the time – Parents who must constantly guide their children without leaving room to learn from their failure.
  • Don’t trust family or friends – These are the parents who can’t leave their child’s side for a second and don’t trust others to babysit.
  • Asking too many questions – How many questions are you asking your child? If you’re riddling your kid with questions all the time and giving them a hard time all the time – you’re probably a psycho over-protective parent.
  • Your child is a recluse – If you find your child is constantly hiding in his or her room, or is otherwise anti-social, then it may be worth asking the question of whether he or she is avoiding the world because of the over stimulation.

Parents who are either too busy or too unconcerned to shelter their children dismiss these helicopter parents as “crazy” or “insane.”

What is a helicopter mom?

Recent helicopter parenting law enforcement has created debate on the subject of how involved parents should be with their children. But that issue is black and white – parents may indeed go too far when they leave their kids unattended in grocery stores or parks for long periods of time. However, there are plenty of parents who swing so far the other way that it’s cause for concern. For the over-protective mom, letting go is a lot of work. Crazy overprotective parents take notice.

Hovering mothers have been discussed for nearly a decade. But the crazy overprotective parents epidemic seems to be escalating the intensity with which moms approach their roles as parents.

The news outlets continue to debate the merits and problems with overprotecting children. However, there’s no doubt that parents are starting to get in their own way of being happy when psycho over-protective parenting sends them to the doctor’s office for counseling.

Letting go and letting your child be is often easier said than done.

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