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Poo alert: Play-Doh Fun Factory is grossing us out

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Look a shooting star! Make a hose … no it’s a snake!” Increasingly, the Play-Doh Fun Factory has become suburban slang for more than just the Station Wagon Generation. It’s gross, it’s unseemly, it’s an image we can’t get out of our heads.¬†UrbanDictionary.com has even defined Play-Doh poop, corroborated by a number of Youtube videos made by children and adults who think their artistry in feces something to be shared with the world.

Play Doh PoopParents drawing the crude comparisons are merely trying to cope. A recent parent summarized it best: “Having a baby on the changing table is a game in itself, where timing is so very important. When that diaper comes off I feel like the clock is ticking. It can be firehoses or the Play-Doh Fun Factory if you’re not careful.” We tip our hat to parents everywhere dealing with that proverbial childhood act that almost everyone has a story about.

Suburban slang has invented a multitude of synonyms for describing bathroom behavior, and parents are often at a loss for words when explaining to their children why pooping is both natural and something to be whispered about.

Doggie Doo gameEvidently, Hasbro Toys, maker of this malleable wonder paste, embraced kids’ innate bathroom humor by introducing Play-Doh Doggy Doctor Play Set, which allows children to manually push out Play-Doh from various orifices of a plastic pooch. But if that weren’t enough, the Doggie Doo pooping game is certain to indulge a child’s feces fascination by simulating the full digestive course and rewarding them for it.

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