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How could anybody call that science?

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We recently received a picture of Brandon B Brandon via Facebook. There was no clever joke or ulterior motive – just a cute kid holding a sign asking everyone to spread his image as far and wide as possible in five days.

Brandon_B_Brandon_closeupWe think it’s a cockeyed project that’s got nothing to do with science. After all, we bumpkins faked our science projects with baking soda and vinegar. Spitballs were physics. Good books made excellent paper airplanes. There wasn’t much learned except that chemistry displays the best and worst of human behavior. Good laughs make a good science project.

In this vein we’re glad to see kids distracting us with sincerity. We’ve gone to skyscrapers in Manhattan and Brooklyn’s most hipster dives (we’ll tweet it later) to give you Brandon B Brandon’s reposted pictures. We’ll hear from Brandon how far he went after the project is over. In the meantime, we hope social media and the world wide mess enjoys the play grounds for a boy and his mission.

So, “thumbs-up” and thanks for inspiring an idea for how to distract our bumpkin with a chain letter spanning the world.

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