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‘Amazon Mom Coupon’ promotion leaves dads out

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Moms are better than dads. It goes the other way, too, depending on the situation. But where children and marketing are involved, a few dads are making a big stink outta the fact their name has been left off an advertisement. The big stink is about the recently launched marketing program called Amazon Mom Coupons. Despite the fact only 3.4% of all stay at home parents are men, a few dads are bellyaching and have started the Amazon Mom Petition to protest. Their major life catastrophe – the “Amazon Mom Coupons” marketing campaign.

It’s a mom-favored world where children are involved. Men should get over it. After years of women struggling to be represented fairly in the workplace with equal pay and status, a few fathers believe men should be fairly represented in a corporate marketing campaign led by one of the world’s biggest retailer. It’s no more and no less laudable that these men are reversing gender roles for traditionally held family duties.

Blogger Oren Miller fervently advocates that Amazon change the name, begging the company to go the way of socially-conscious Great Britain and rename the program “Amazon Family Coupons.”

The Amazon Mom program generated additional controversy when dim-witted Matt Yglesias began advocating that those without children should sign up, providing instructions for How to Save Money on Amazon With a Fake Baby. But Gawker took him to task:

Matt Yglesias—that special little liberaltarian snowflake who owns two homes in Washington, D.C., with a total assessed value of roughly $1.5 million—isn’t just trying to get by. He’s trying to get an extra 5 percent savings on his mail-order purchases of “dried pasta, Zevia sodas (delicious if you’ve never tried them)… Kashi bars, tea bags, hand soap, dish soap, and beans.” An extra 5 percent that’s intended for folks with kids—who, you know, might face slight added costs, in terms of real money, opportunity, and emotional strength, from their decision to raise new life. – Adam Weinstein on Gawker

Meanwhile, Amazon has been basking in the publicity generated by these advocates with too much time on their hands.



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