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Baby Mum-Mums are awesome and a rip-off

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Baby Mum-Mums represent both the best and the worst thing about being a parent in the modern world. The little packages are convenient, the crackers are benign, babies love them, and they function as an excellent babysitter when you want to do other things. While the little one munches away on the cracker, tbaby mum-mumhe only problem is the expense of this convenience is something of a robbery. Consider what you’re getting: the 1.76 ounce box will set you back nearly $5.00. A well-known alternative to this expensive baby product is your standard rice cake or box of Cheerios. You’ll find plenty of arguments in favor and against paying the extra money for these packaged babysitters, but no one can say they aren’t convenient and easy for parents to carry along. This product definitely wins the yuppy award but won’t get any credit for the value.

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