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The 4 safety positions for third trimester sex

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It’s amazing how many times women turn down sex when they’re pregnant. Of course it’s a valid concern they may hurt the little one, or that pregnant women on bed rest might be over-taxed. But for the majority of women who are pregnant – even within their third trimesters – sex while pregnant can be good for the baby and mommy.

Gynecologists are in agreement that sex during pregnancy – even up until the very end – is safe and normal. The New Health Guide even talks about the joys of getting around that big baby bump: “You can get creative and try positions which put lesser pressure on your bigger bump.”

There are even ways to enhance sex between husband and wife, by taking the opportunity to step outside comfort zones to try new and interesting positions.

Four Safe Sex Positions for Third Trimester Sex

  1. Daddy Sporking – What starts off as spooning and cuddling will often result in the husband promoting his agenda by jabbing his partner in the back. The sexual spork is a form of rear-entry position where one partner lies on one side with knees bent while the man typically enters the partner from behind.
  2. Mommy Doggy Style – Because that baby bump can get too difficult for the woman to lay on her belly, this crouching position – on all fours – is another form of rear-entry positioning that allows for greater control by both partners. In ancient Rome, this practice was known as coitus more ferarum.
  3. Momma on the Mountain – Because pregnant sex can sometimes be painful given the obvious physical changes going on in the woman’s body, a woman finds control by climbing on top of her partner and leaning back or forward (holding his angles or knees if necessary) so that she manages the agenda.
  4. The Sideways Samba Momma – This position is different from spooning in that the woman turns away from her partner with her legs straight out in front at a ninety-degree angle, making an L-shape with her torso. This position is the riskiest of the four because the man maintains most of the control when entering his partner. Cosmo has a good take on it.

Why Pregnant Sex is Good

It is important to remember that while you are pregnant your senses are heightened. In many cases women have a higher sexual desires than before they were pregnant. The orgasms reached while pregnant are higher based on some physiological reasons. Hormones are a lot higher when a woman is pregnant, this increased blood flow as well as increased sensitivity of the genital areas is something to be celebrated and indulged.

One of the greatest things about be pregnant is that you are able to do a lot more. One of the fun things that we are able to enjoy is food and sexual pleasure. Sex was fun before I was pregnant, however after I got pregnant it became far more enjoyable and fun.

Get Your Bump OffAvoids Preterm Labor & Complications – Preterm labor is something that concerns all women. Even though contractions do happen during some women’s orgasms, it is not true that an orgasm can bring on early labor. In fact, there is anecdotal evidence (from my friends) that sex helps optimize the beginning of labor. For instance, when I was in the last weeks of my last pregnancy, I benefited from sexual intercourse by keeping my body optimized and active down there. And once my labor set in, the contractions were increased from sex while circulation of blood and hormones such as serotonin were encouraged.

Sperm is good for women – Sex can help to reduce the risks of complications through pregnancy because of the medicinal qualities sperm is known to have on women, both orally and vaginally. These protective properties offered by sperm also help women to avoid complications that could be life-threatening. For example, pre-eclampsia has been reduced through sex and oral sex.

Reduce Stress – Pregnancy gave me many new aches and pains that I didn’t have before. I thought I was never going to get rid of the backaches or headaches. In my case I tried many traditional and nontraditional medicinal options. However, it wasn’t until it was suggested that I increase sexual intercourse to reduce the stress on my body.

There have been studies suggesting that having stimulation in the genital region can help to increase an individual’s ability to handle pain. After all, sexual arousal is designed to bring pleasure, and that resulted in reducing my pain. The endorphins released during foreplay and after orgasm are similar to those that a runner experiences during a run.

Partner Bonding – One of the important things about pregnancy is to enjoy the time you’re pregnant. One way that you can enjoy pregnancy is through feeling like nothing has changed within your life. Don’t let a lack of sex with your husband create those distant and cold nights and days we all fear. Sex can make the couple feel a bit happier, as well as more stable.

While most women will not have problems from sexing it up during their pregnancy, there are specific issues that may prevent a woman from sexual activity, including if the placenta covers part of the cervix (called “previa”), if the woman experiences vaginal bleeding, or after the water has broken (get thee to the hospital!). Obviously, women should feel empowered to say no to sex if they don’t feel it’s right for them. But women should feel free to indulge their sensual side throughout pregnancy.


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