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Putting a mirror up to a baby’s breath is one way to ensure your doing it right. But common sense planning and subverting the inner alarmists is a good habit.

When a child contest becomes abuse

There’s nothing wrong with showing off a child’s beauty, but a child contest becomes abuse when parents live vicariously and sacrifice character and fun. Child beauty pageants aren’t the only times a child contest becomes abuse, but that’s usually the first thing people think about. Any hobby contests, intellectual competitions, sporting events, or school fairs …

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Childproofing by fear mongers

A childproofing and child safety expert will give you much to consider when building a nest for your newborn, but they often exaggerate how commonplace it is for household items to hurt or kill babies. After having our first baby, my spouse signed me up for one of those infant CPR and infant safety classes …

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What if my baby eats newspaper?

Our 10-month old son has joined the debate over whether news on tablets is better than printed news. I prefer he eat the printed news, but he seems to appreciate the benefits of both. To explain what I’m dealing with I first need to cover our daily routine. My mornings begin with a cup of …

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Can I have sex in front of my kids?

We’re not talking about circus sex theater in front of the kids, but the fact remains there is no proof that intimacy in front of children will scar them for life. Our modern puritanism continues to feed off a Victorian sensibility that the display of nudity and sex around children will confuse them and turn …

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Battling the Sanctimommy Manifesto and the Festival of Stupid

The suggestion that sleep training will lead to a Prozac dependency later in life is as valid as suggesting that vaccinations lead to autism – dangerous, science-less hogwash. Dr. Darcia Narvaez (aka Doctor Nirvana) purveys the Dangers of Crying It Out in academic settings throughout the United States; she has proven to be a silver-spoon-in-mouth …

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