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Richard Aaron Wright balances his life as a digital media producer and a father.

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Crazy overprotective parents seek help

A growing number of parents are crazy overprotective parents, and some are seeking professional help to free their children from their controlling ways. Crazy overprotective parents are those parents who hover around their child and swoop in and help their child whenever the child is distressed or challenged – even when the kid doesn’t need …

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How long can I leave a sleeping baby in the car?

Today’s pundits and doctors insist they know what’s best for our children while not allowing parents to do right by their own judgement. Helicopter parenting laws are coming to municipalities in ways unimagined, but the anti-helicopter parenting movement is pushing back. Humor is one way we’re doing it, including this clever video shows the stress …

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Helicopter parenting laws enforced in South Carolina

The backlash against the North August city government has been nothing less than severe as news outlets accuse them of enforcing helicopter parenting laws. From the state where conservative politics once meant mind-your-own-damn-business, southern police departments have started targeting anti-helicopter parents – those who let their kids run free and learn independence by playing alone. …

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